1 blockbuster trade all 32 NFL teams can make to improve in 2024

NFL teams are setting their sights on free agency and the draft to set themselves up for success in 2024. Another often overlooked path to improvement still exists, though: trades! Today we'll look at one trade each team can make to instantly improve.

Justin Fields is one of many players waiting to find out if he'll have a new home in 2024
Justin Fields is one of many players waiting to find out if he'll have a new home in 2024 / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade for Mitch Morse

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no bigger priority this offseason than locking up Baker Mayfield and Mike Evans. Mayfield won the fanbase over by leading Tampa to the NFC South division title, and he has expressed a desire to stay with the Bucs, as long as Evans stays, too. Evans is a lifelong Buc and is on the fast track for the Hall of Fame, which should make the decision to keep him a no-brainer. He's also as good as he's ever been, having just led the league with 13 touchdowns while compiling 1,255 yards receiving.

Once Bucs general manager Jason Licht gets those two squared away, he can then turn his attention to some of the less glamorous, though still important, positions that need help on his team. Robert Hainsey committed nine penalties and allowed four sacks last year as Tampa's starting center, and the Bucs would do well to replace him with someone more dependable.

Mitch Morse of the Buffalo Bills stands out as one of the top options that could become available. Buffalo is underwater in regards to its salary cap, which will force the team to trade or release some veterans and fill those spots with younger players. Though he's been one of the most reliable centers in the league, Buffalo may not be able to ignore the fact that it can save over $8 million by moving Morse this offseason as it tries to dig out of its cap nightmare.

Morse is 32 and entering the final year of his contract, but the Bills can still get something of value rather than cutting him to save money. Tampa should gladly exchange a fourth-round pick in return for anchoring the middle of its line.