10 biggest award snubs in NFL history

This season is one of the most contentious MVP races in recent memory. There will be some fans who will be mad, but their complaints will pale in comparison to these NFL Awards snubs.

San Francisco 49ers receiver #80 JERRY RICE
San Francisco 49ers receiver #80 JERRY RICE / Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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1. 1982 NFL MVP
Winner: Mark Moseley
Snub: Dan Fouts

A kicker?!? A kicker won the NFL MVP for the 1982 season? For those who don't know, Mark Moseley was a very good kicker in 1982. He hit on 20 of 21 field goals, a then-record 95.2 success rate. Other players have won some sort of MVP award while kicker was one of their positions, but they both mainly won the award for their primary position. Moseley was a kicker and kicker only.

Moseley likely won the award based on how others on this list won; he had a great narrative. Washington head coach Joe Gibbs used a draft pick to bring in University of Miami kicker Dan Miller. Word on the street was Moseley was trade fodder after two mediocre seasons and a high-premium contract. Yet, the noise made him better.

Still, we're talking about a kicker here. He plays maybe 10 percent of the game, and likely a lot less. Meanwhile, Dan Fouts put together a campaign that many say would change football. He averaged 320 yards per game. In yet another strike-shortened season, he would be over 5,000 yards with those averages in 1982. That would have easily been a record.

Did Fouts lose out because voters are bad at math? Fouts was named MVP by the PFWA, and he won the player-awarded Jim Thorpe Trophy. Still, losing out on the Associated Press MVP, largely believed as the true Most Valuable Player, has to hurt.

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