10 biggest award snubs in NFL history

This season is one of the most contentious MVP races in recent memory. There will be some fans who will be mad, but their complaints will pale in comparison to these NFL Awards snubs.

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6. 1972 NFL MVP
Winner: Glen Hall
Snub: Roger Staubach

It's not often we see a quarterback snubbed for the NFL MVP, and it's nearly impossible for it to happen in favor of a defensive player, but this was just the wrong call. We hate to do this to one of just two defensive players to win MVP, but Alan Page was a defensive tackle. He was a great defensive tackle, but a DT nonetheless. He was blowing up offensive lines at a time that was essential to winning. However, there are few seasons where a QB was more important than Roger Staubach in 1972.

The Dallas Cowboys attempted the tried and true terrible decision of starting two different quarterbacks. Not only did they try to do this in different games, but they started changing the signal caller in each play. By Week 8, head coach Tom Landry learned of his error and made Staubach the long-term starter. After he made that decision, the Cowboys won 10 straight games.

This vote was contentious at the time. Page only recorded 21 percent of the vote. Thirteen players received MVP votes that season. This includes the stars of that era like Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, John Brodie, and Len Dawson. It was a strange year all around, but it is hard to argue with Staubach's results. By the letter of the MVP, Staubach was clearly the most valuable to his team.

There are plenty of years where a defensive player could win MVP. We might even cover one here. In fact...