10 biggest award snubs in NFL history

This season is one of the most contentious MVP races in recent memory. There will be some fans who will be mad, but their complaints will pale in comparison to these NFL Awards snubs.

San Francisco 49ers receiver #80 JERRY RICE
San Francisco 49ers receiver #80 JERRY RICE / Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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5. 2014 NFL MVP
Winner: Aaron Rodgers
Snub: J.J. Watt

It's hard to argue Aaron Rodgers doesn't deserve the MVPs he has in his trophy case, but the 2014 award is as contentious as any of them. Rodgers was great. He had a 38-5 touchdown to interception ratio. What really secured the MVP is how much better he was than any other quarterback in the eyes of the voters. He received 44 All-Pro votes, with Tony Romo coming in second with three.

Yet, that narrative doesn't seem to be supported by reality. Romo had a better QB rating than Rodgers. Andrew Luck threw for 40 touchdowns, and even Peyton Manning had more than Rodgers. Rodgers was seventh in yards per game, even trailing Eli Manning in the stat.

Down in Houston, this was one of the great defensive seasons in the history of football. J.J. Watt secured 20.5 sacks, another player coming close to the record held by Strahan. That wasn't even his most impressive stat. Watt took the Texans into the endzone five times. Three of those touchdowns came on offense. He had a league-leading 29 tackles for loss, showing he was just as great at rushing downs as he was at passing downs. He even added a safety just to wrap this season in a nice bow.

Defensive players deserve a chance to win this award. If anyone is deserving since Lawrence Taylor won, it's J.J. Watt. This was his best season, and he deserves to get the nod over what isn't Rodgers' best season.