10 biggest contracts in NBA History

As the NBA salary cap rises so do the size of new contracts. Here's a list of the biggest contracts in NBA history, a list heavily weighted toward the present.

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Biggest contracts in NBA history: 8. Luka Doncic, Trae Young, and Zach LaVine

After earning All-NBA honors in his second and third seasons, Luka qualified for 30% of the salary. Doncic signed a five-year, $215.16 million designated rookie contract extension with Dallas in August of 2021.

According to Spotrac, Luka's average annual salary is a little over $43 million a year. Trae Young also qualified for the same 30 percent maximum salary as Luka. As a result, the two are tied, as they both agreed to the same five-year, $215.16 million rookie contract extension. Although he wasn't given the same 30 percent deal, Zach LaVine agreed to a similar contract. Due to the maximum extension amount being too low, LaVine became a free agent only to re-sign with the Bulls on a 30 percent veteran max extension deal. With that said, LaVine, Doncic, and Young are all tied in terms of total value.