10 biggest contracts in NBA History

As the NBA salary cap rises so do the size of new contracts. Here's a list of the biggest contracts in NBA history, a list heavily weighted toward the present.

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Biggest contracts in NBA history: 6. Damontas Sabonis

Damontas Sabonis' contract is the only renegotiation to make the list of the biggest contracts in history.

According to Wojnarowski, Domantas Sabonis agreed to a contract renegotiation and extension for a total of $217 million over five years — including $195 million in new money, Sabonis' agents Greg Lawrence and Jason Ranne told ESPN.

Sabonis was part of the package sent to Sacramento from Indiana in exchange for Tyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield and Tristan Thompson in February of 2022. Sabonis was an instant hit in Sacramento, posting 17.6 points and 12.4 rebounds per game. His play helped the team make the playoffs and he was named to the All-Star team. His performance also, as you can see, earned him a new contract with the team.