10 NBA Draft prospects who can rise or fall in ACC Tournament

The ACC Tournament is brimming with future NBA talent. Here's who deserves your special attention.

Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils / Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Duke's Jared McCain enters March Madess dripping fire

Jared McCain has been scorching nets lately. He has gradually emerged as Duke's best guard in a crowded backcourt, offering elite shooting versatility in conjunction with rapid-fire processing speed and underrated ball-handling utility.

He's not a traditional point guard per se, but McCain has shown plenty of promise working out of pick-and-rolls. He expertly mixes speeds, offsetting athletic limitations with subtle gear shifts and directional changes. The passing is legitimate, as is McCain's ability to get red-hot from 3-point range. Whether he's simply spotting up or curling around screens and firing on move, McCain is arguably the best volume shooter in the draft. He's nailing 40.6 percent of 5.7 attempts per game on the season.

There are valid concerns about McCain's limited explosiveness at 6-foot-3, but his at-rim numbers are better than other top guard prospects. He gets the job done with craft. So, as Duke gears up for a potentially deep March run, McCain is on every NBA radar. He has a chance to go from first-round prospect to lottery lock with a well-timed heater.

1. Duke's Kyle Filipowski is back for some unfinished business

Duke lost to Tennessee in the Round of 32 last season, prompting Kyle Filipowski to shock the NBA Draft community by committing to a sophomore campaign in Durham. Flip was a first-round lock a season ago. Now, he's trending toward the lottery. He has been expectedly dominant as a sophomore, averaging 16.5 points and 8.1 rebounds on .507/.354/.667 splits.

The 20-year-old returned to school for unfinished business, and now he has a chance to deliver on his promise. The Blue Devils are a very good team, and their success largely runs through him. NBA teams are constantly on the lookout for versatility at every position. Flip is the rare dribble-pass-shoot center. He has been knocked as a 'jack of all trades, master of none' in the past, but it's best not to overthink Filipowski. He has ratcheted up the aggression on post-ups, he's defending better than ever, and the 3-point shot is real.

NBA teams can plug Flip into either frontcourt position, relying on him for two-man actions on the perimeter, easy points around the basket, or floor-spacing in five-out lineups. If Duke goes far, it probably means Flip is showing out. With such a weak draft class at the top, Flip has a chance to rise higher than ever expected if he can flourish under the bright lights.

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