2 reasons why the Cubs signing Juan Soto is realistic, 1 reason it's a pipe dream

The Chicago Cubs make a lot of sense as a potential Juan Soto landing spot for multiple reasons, but they're far from a perfect fit.

San Diego Padres v Chicago Cubs
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2. The Cubs signing Juan Soto is realistic because they're a team he'd realistically want to join

Soto will be searching for an enormous contract in free agency, but there's more to it than just money. The contract he's going to sign will likely cover the next decade of his life, if not longer. He'll want to go to a place where he can win and where he'll enjoy his time. With that being said, why not the Cubs?

The Cubs are a team built to win now and in the future. Whether Bellinger is in the mix remains to be seen, but the Cubs have a really strong core locked in for a long time. The Cubs have one of the best middle infields in the game with Dansby Swanson and Nico Hoerner. They're both under contract through the 2026 season, and Swanson is under control through 2029. Their ace, Justin Steele, won't even hit free agency until after the 2027 campaign.

The Cubs have one of the best farm systems in the league with Pete Crow-Armstrong leading the way. They have seven top 100 prospects according to MLB Pipeline, more than any other team. That's not even including young players who have produced at the MLB level but haven't hit arbitration yet like Christopher Morel.

The Cubs being a team ready to compete right as Soto steps into the mix and in the future means something. Additionally, you can't beat playing 81 games at Wrigley Field. Chicago might not be as big of a city as New York, but it's still a major market with tons to do. It's hard to find reasons why Soto wouldn't want to play for a historic franchise that sells out every game in one of the best ballparks in the league that's ready to win.