2023 NBA Re-Draft: Victor Wembanyama is No. 1, then what?

We're a few months into the NBA season. Which teams are already regretting their 2023 NBA Draft picks?

Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs
Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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SG. . . Santa Clara. 38. Brandin Podziemski. Brandin Podziemski. 11. 11. player

Original Pick: Jett Howard

Brandin Podziemski was recently promoted to the Warriors' starting five over Andrew Wiggins. That's more related to Wiggins than Podziemski, perhaps, but the rookie has been a plainly beneficial presence for a team that wants to contend. He competes hard on defense, making up for athletic limitations with I.Q. and effort. On offense, Podziemski hits 40.0 percent of his 3s and processes the game at a high level, amplifying Golden State's stars with his rapid-fire passes and selfless attitude.

12. 79. Arkansas. Anthony Black. Anthony Black. player. . SG. 12.

Original Pick: Dereck Lively II

Anthony Black has been rock-solid as the stopgap starting point guard for the East's No. 4 seed. He's still not a volume shooter, but Black has all the trappings of a positive role player. He can defend multiple positions at 6-foot-7, he's a brilliant passer, and most importantly for Dallas, he doesn't actually need to run point guard to succeed. Involve him as a screener, spacer, cutter, ball-handler — regardless, he'll probably figure out how to positively influence the game.

. player. PF. 13. . Jarace Walker. 13. 81. Houston. Jarace Walker

Original Pick: Gradey Dick

Jarace Walker has been on G League assignment for the Pacers, but don't be fooled. He's a special prospect, blessed with unreal mobility for a 6-foot-8, 240-pound forward. Walker has the potential to guard five positions while oscillating between on-ball and off-ball roles offensively. That's a long way out — it's probably best for him to focus on simple, decisive actions on offense right now — but the Raptors love players in Walker's mold and he's worth the patience.

Connecticut. 69. 14. . Andre Jackson Jr.. Andre Jackson Jr.. 14. player. . SF

Original Pick: Jordan Hawkins

On a per-minute basis, few rookies have been more impactful than Andre Jackson Jr. in Milwaukee. He's going to be a postseason staple for one of the league's foremost contenders. His point of attack defense at 6-foot-6 is invaluable to the Bucks' second unit. On offense, he's hitting 47.8 percent of his 3s to go along with timely off-ball movement, explosive rim finishes, and precise passing.

. Villanova. Cam Whitmore. player. . 15. SF. Cam Whitmore. 15. 125

Original Pick: Kobe Bufkin

We haven't seen much of Cam Whitmore since he fell from a projected top-five pick to No. 20 overall on draft night. He looked great in Summer League and he's absolutely tearing up the G League, though, so Atlanta should be smart enough to bet on talent. There's a strong chance Whitmore vastly outperforms even this spot in a few years time.