2023 New England Patriots and the five worst offenses of the Super Bowl era

The New England Patriots are fresh off another shutout at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. We are watching one of the worst offenses in history.

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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The New England Patriots are impossible to watch. Of any team in the league, they put up a snooze fest each and every week. It's getting worse as time goes on. After playing some competitive football in September, it feels like the Patriots offense isn't even trying. Bill O'Brien was brought in to replace Matt Patricia, and the thought was that would be enough to help Mac Jones. Instead, he somehow took six steps backward.

Now, the Patriots are starting Bailey Zappe. While he doesn't make as many mistakes, an offense with him under center is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Every week for the rest of the season, we'll probably see a new quarterback running this offense.

This is no doubt one of the worst offenses in recent memory, but is it the worst? We tend to see the NFL with recency bias, so we delved into the NFL record books to see which teams had the worst offenses ever.

Which team has the worst NFL offense ever?

5. 2006 Oakland Raiders
Points Per Game: 10.5

There are plenty of offenses from the 1970s that could be on this list when offense was hard to come by anyway. There's no excuse not to have offense after the new millennium. While some offenses have fewer points scored, the 2006 Oakland Raiders were spectacularly bad. They scored 169 points in 2006. The next worst team was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who scored almost 50 more points that season.

The Raiders thought they made all the right moves. They re-hired Art Shell more than 10 years after originally firing him. After a few disappointing seasons, the Raiders cut Kerry Collins and signed former Saints star Aaron Brooks. It wasn't like this team was without stars. They had big money in LaMont Jordan at running back. Ronald Curry was a name at wide receiver people recognized at the time. Oh, and then they had Randy Moss. This team had RANDY MOSS, and it scored 10.5 points per game. Just one year later, Moss would break the receiving touchdowns record with the Patriots.

This team scored the fewest points in the league, but it was more than that. The Raiders led the league in fumbles, with backup/starting QB Andrew Walter adding 13 of his own. It was second in interceptions with 24 total among the three quarterbacks (Marques Tuiasosopo took some snaps). This team had a paltry 12 offensive touchdowns. One out of every four drives this team went on ended in a turnover. This entire offense was just gross.

Luckily, the devastating season ended with the Raiders getting the number-one overall pick. It was very well worth it to select ... gulp ... JaMarcus Russell. Side note: did you know Russell is still 38 years old? In another timeline, he's still playing quarterback. Instead, the Raiders' worst offensive season ever landed them the worst number-one overall pick likely in history.