2024 NBA Mock Draft: Isaiah Collier, Ja'Kobe Walter on the rise early

The latest NBA mock draft sees Isaiah Collier and Ja'Kobe Walter surging after impressive college basketball debuts.

Isaiah Collier, Cam Carter, USC v. Kansas State
Isaiah Collier, Cam Carter, USC v. Kansas State / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Isaiah Collier. . 3. player. 29. 3. . Guard. USC. Isaiah Collier

Isaiah Collier is well on his way to the PG1 mantle in the 2024 draft class. He's 6-foot-4 and built like a tank. Collier is quick enough to put constant pressure on the rim and strong enough to finish through defenders in the paint. He can also dance around the defense with crafty footwork and soft touch on in-between shots.

The big swing skill for Collier will be 3-point shooting. He hit 1-of-3 in his first game. As the sample size grows, sustained competence could really launch Collier up draft boards. He is the star of the show for USC, especially on the draft front, right now. His playmaking instincts, defensive toughness, and upside as a scorer make him a real name to watch in the top-3. Especially for a point guard needy team like the Spurs.

4. . Ja'Kobe Walter. Guard. Baylor. Ja'Kobe Walter. player. . 118. 4

Ja'Kobe Walter might be the premier shot-maker in the 2024 class. He is supremely confident from just about anywhere on the floor. It's unwise to make sweeping proclamations based on a few games, but Baylor's opening night win over Kansas State was evidence of Walter's ability to put up numbers, even as a freshman in a crowded backcourt. He splashed 4-of-7 from deep and converted several dynamic pull-ups from mid-range.

The next step for Walter is trimming the fat from his shot profile and growing as a facilitator. At 6-foot-5, he's going to carry his weight on defense, too. The Jazz can't expect Jordan Clarkson to stick around forever and beyond Keyonte George, the guard rotation is rather volatile. Walter would have a chance to carve out a sizable niche long-term.