2024 NBA Mock Draft: Isaiah Collier, Ja'Kobe Walter on the rise early

The latest NBA mock draft sees Isaiah Collier and Ja'Kobe Walter surging after impressive college basketball debuts.

Isaiah Collier, Cam Carter, USC v. Kansas State
Isaiah Collier, Cam Carter, USC v. Kansas State / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Connecticut. Donovan Clingan. 9. . Donovan Clingan. 9. player. . 69. Big

Donovan Clingan is due for a sizable sophomore leap after his tremendous tournament run with the reigning champs. Listed at 7-foot-2 with a 7-foot-7 wingspan, Clingan is a massive human. He's built with the strength of a freight train, plowing through smaller defenders on finishes at the rim and completely stonewalling opposing bigs on defense.

He won't hang on the perimeter defensively and he's a fairly streamlined offensive contributor — strong screen-setter, hyper-efficient rim finisher, and occasional post-up threat — but Clingan should impact winning as a game-changing rim protector who thrives in his role on offense. The Pelicans need to address the center position as Jonas Valanciunas ages out of his prime.

Forward. G-League Ignite. 10. . . player. Izan Almansa . Izan Almansa . 10. 34

Izan Alamansa hit a few 3s during the G-League Ignite's international tour, which bodes well for his development this season. He profiles as a bit of a positional tweener at 6-foot-9, but Almansa possesses a number of classic connective traits that should translate well to the NBA. The Blazers have a couple true centers who can protect the rim, and Robert Williams in particular supplies elite defensive versatility. So, it's a natural fit.

He will do standard power forward stuff — Almansa operates comfortably as a screener who can pop into space, or roll downhill for explosive vertical finishes — but it's the passing that really pops for the Spanish 18-year-old. Almansa is a quick processor who rockets impressive dimes on the short roll or working around the elbow. He plays a very complementary style and should have a long NBA career ahead.