2024 NBA Mock Draft: Isaiah Collier, Ja'Kobe Walter on the rise early

The latest NBA mock draft sees Isaiah Collier and Ja'Kobe Walter surging after impressive college basketball debuts.

Isaiah Collier, Cam Carter, USC v. Kansas State
Isaiah Collier, Cam Carter, USC v. Kansas State / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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. JL Bourg . Zacchaire Risacher . player. 11. Zacchaire Risacher . . Wing. 11. 149

At 6-foot-10, Zacchaire Risacher is going to draw a lot of NBA eyeballs due to his positional size and versatility. He's a silky 3-point shooter who comfortably attacks closeouts and creates off of drives to the rim. He needs to bulk up and improve as a finisher, but it's fairly uncommon to find wings with Risacher's blend of size, passing, and shooting.

He's the ideal OKC prospect, offering more size on the wing while fitting comfortably into the 'everybody can shoot, drive, and pass' lineups Mark Daigneault has mastered. Risacher also defends well, putting his length to good use in passing lanes and competing hard at the point of attack, even if stronger NBA wings might get him into foul trouble early on.

player. 12. Tyrese Proctor. . Guard. Duke. Tyrese Proctor. 12. . 84

The Kings' lack of quality ball-handlers outside of De'Aaron Fox was exposed during his recent injury stint. Davion Mitchell simply doesn't score enough to scare the defense and Malik Monk, for all his scoring power, isn't a generative engine. Tyrese Proctor is due for a sophomore leap for a very good Duke team, and he could address the Kings' primary second-unit weakness.

At 6-foot-5, Proctor has excellent size for a point guard. He can share the floor with another ball-handler as a result. Proctor makes every pass in the book, consistently whipping cross-court skip passes or threading the needle to a diving big with the utmost precision. As he gets better at changing speeds and weaponizing his physical tools as a driver, NBA teams will latch on quickly.