2024 NBA Mock Draft: March Madness arrives, as does Kentucky's backcourt

An updated look at the 2024 NBA Draft landscape as March Madness gets underway.

Rob Dillingham, Kentucky Wildcats
Rob Dillingham, Kentucky Wildcats / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
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142. G. Rob Dillingham. . . Kentucky. Rob Dillingham. 3. player. 3

Rob Dillingham continues to leave college basketball fans (and NBA scouts) in awe. It's tough to buy all the way into a 6-foot-2 guard in today's league, but Dillingham's shot-making creativity is off the charts. He has the shifty handles, the deep pull-up shooting range, the endless confidence. He comes off the bench for Kentucky, but he is plainly one of the best players on the floor every night.

Of all the first-round prospects, few are built for the moment in March quite like Dillingham. We have seen him operate effectively in the clutch on multiple occasions. He's one of the few bonafide self-creators in the lottery mix. The shooting is elite, too, both off the catch and off the dribble. Dillingham has no trouble getting to his spots with a deadly first step and incredible gear-shift ability. Off ball, he can fly into spot-up 3s, needing little time to square his feet and fire. He is made for pick-and-roll or DHO actions at the next level.

The Wizards are flushed with talent on the wing, but point guard is a real area of weakness aside from Tyus Jones. He is going to be a free agent at season's end. Dillingham can step in and give Washington the on-ball juice Jordan Poole was supposed to provide.