2024 NFL Draft, Full 3-round mock draft post-Combine: Vikings, Chiefs trade up

  • Vikings trade up for a quarterback
  • Chiefs get aggressive to draft a Combine standout
  • Steelers fill holes in all three rounds

NFL Combine
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18. Cincinnati Bengals: Byron Murphy II, DL, Texas

366-pound defensive tackle T’Vondre Sweat out of Texas was one of the biggest – no pun intended – talking points at the NFL Combine as the big man moved extremely well for someone his size. But he’s not close to being the best prospect from the Longhorns at his own position thanks to Byron Murphy II also being in this draft class. 

Murphy is an absolute game-wrecker and we saw why that’s the case during the workouts and on-field drills in Indianapolis. He’s just a physical monster, running a 4.87-second 40 at 297 pounds with a 1.69-second 10-yard split, posting a 33-inch vertical jump, and pumping out 28 reps on the bench press as well. 

He’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with on the interior with elite get-off speed and explosive pass-rushing moves that really blossomed this past season with Texas. He’s also the type of player that the Bengals haven’t had probably since Geno Atkins. 

Cincinnati has some big fish to fry on offense this offseason with Tee Higgins being the biggest factor in the equation. But the Bengals defense needs some more juice, particularly along the defensive line. Murphy is the exact type of player and disruptor they’re lacking and he could be a needle-mover from Day 1.