2024 NFL Mock Draft, post-Super Bowl full 3-round projection: Patriots skip QB, Chiefs add WR

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25. Green Bay Packers: Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma

In all likelihood, David Bakhtiari has played his last snap with the Green Bay Packers. An All-Pro at his apex, that’s a big loss on paper. However, the unfortunate truth of the situation is that Bakhtiari’s health and body have started betraying him in recent years, so the Packers really haven’t gotten to see his impact on the field much at all over the past three seasons. 

That makes tackle a priority in the 2024 draft, and Senior Bowl standout Tyler Guyton coming out of Oklahoma would be a great player to target for Green Bay. His length and fluidity on the edge stand out and allow him to shine in pass protection, which also highlights his plus instincts and reactions. He needs to improve as a run-blocker but has the frame and athletic tools to do so with the right coaching, making him an ideal next step for the Packers at tackle.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Troy Fautanu, OL, Washington

Outside of Tristan Wirfs and potentially upcoming second-year guard Cody Mauch, there isn’t a ton of certainty about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line moving forward. Once a strength for this team, things have gotten questionable in a hurry, which means that bringing in some reinforcements to help keep Baker Mayfield upright and clean should be in order this offseason. 

Troy Fautanu thrived as a pass-blocking tackle at Washington, which should help him right away at the NFL level. The two big questions for him are how he can develop as a run blocker and, perhaps more pressingly, whether or not he’s a guard instead of a tackle at the pro level. No matter the case, it’s worth figuring that out if you’re the Bucs as they simply need a better five on the field in the trenches moving forward.