3 Alabama stars Kalen DeBoer needs to make sure don’t follow Downs, Proctor and Sayin

Alabama v Ole Miss
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1. Keon Keeley, EDGE

Another area in which we've seen Alabama consistently churn out high-end NFL talents is on the edge, specifically as of late with Will Anderson Jr. going Top 5 in last year's draft only to be followed by likely first-round pick Dallas Turner and then a probable Top 100 pick in Chris Braswell additionally.

But the thing about that recent churn on the edge for the Crimson Tide defense is that finding that level of replacement for the departing stars becomes increasingly difficult. Of course, this is Bama we're talking about, which means they have another stud waiting in the wings when it comes to Keon Keeley.

The top recruit from Alabama's 2023 class and a Top 5 player overall in the cycle, Keeley is a menace in the making at 6-foot-6, 242 pounds. Though he's not seen the field yet for Alabama to record any stats while playing behind more proven veteran options, the potential appears to be limitless for him as a pass rusher with elite length, burst and bend coming off the edge.

Because of that, however, Keeley is also the type of player that any top-tier program in college football will have their eyes on and, most likely, have feelers out with as well. He could be a defense-changer on any unit, but DeBoer and the new Alabama staff need to do everything within their power to guarantee that its the Tide's defense that he's changing, not any of their competition's.

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