3 Andy Avalos replacements to return Boise State to its former glory

Andy Avalos is out at his alma mater. Here is who could potentially replace him over at Boise State.

Andy Avalos, Boise State Broncos
Andy Avalos, Boise State Broncos / Sam Wasson/GettyImages
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1. Jeff Choate may be the perfection solution for Boise from Texas

If Boise State is looking for something different, may I suggest looking at Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Jeff Choate? While he has been on Steve Sarkisian's staff the last three seasons, Choate left a pretty good FCS head-coaching job at Montana State to come to Austin. Although his 28-22 (18-14) record in Bozeman is not all that impressive, he got better every season he led the Bobcats.

Given that Choate grew up in Idaho and played his college ball at Western Montana, you would think he would know the unique region in which Boise State plays to rebuild a Group of Five power there. Being a huge part of what Sarkisian has done to turn around Texas could be implemented to a Boise State program that has lost its way. If the Broncos want to look outside, Choate might be their guy.

I believe that Choate left Montana State to raise his national profile. He is a head coach, but needed a slight detour to get more gravitas in the coaching ranks. While there is an outside shot that Choate could go Power Five right away in a few years, he could take a top-tier Group of Five job like the one at Boise State and get back to winning very quickly. The more you think about it, the more you will love it.

If the Broncos go with a hire outside of the family, you have to believe Choate is a strong candidate.

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