3 areas where Lakers should be drastically improved in 2023-24

The Lakers head into this season after a surprise Western Conference Finals appearance. How have they improved over the offseason?

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3 reasons that the Lakers will be better this year: 2. Continuity in the rotation

The Lakers will be much better in team chemistry this season. Unlike last season, it seems like this team will not be making any major moves as the season goes on. The team may make one or two trades but the rotation for this squad is pretty much set. Last year, the Lakers were faced with the shadow of a Russell Westbrook trade waiting to happen.

It was clear that the team did not fit with Westbrook and a mutual parting was the best case for both parties involved. They did end up getting bailed out a bit when it came to the trade return. Still, the team was able to get the pieces for a better roster and was able to get to the Western Conference finals.

This offseason, the Lakers practically gave all of their free agents long-term deals. This includes Rui Hachimura, Austin Reaves and D'Angelo Russell. They also signed Jarred Vanderbilt to an extension and their most important offseason addition — Gabe Vincent — has three years on his deal.

The Lakers may make a trade at some point but their biggest pieces all have security and that should make the first part of the season much smoother than last year.