3 major adjustments Astros can make to turn ALCS around in Texas

Sure, the Houston Astros are down 2-0 to the Texas Rangers in the ALCS, but here's why the defending World Champions aren't out of it just yet

Alex Bregman and Yordan Álvarez of the Houston Astros
Alex Bregman and Yordan Álvarez of the Houston Astros / Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports
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Absolutely, the numbers are stacked against the Houston Astros heading into the rest of the ALCS matchup against the Texas Rangers. After all, if history is any guide, 84 percent of teams that win the first two games of the series (like the Rangers have done) punch their ticket to the World Series.

However, if you're the Astros, you look at those numbers and cue Jim Carrey and his hope-filled soul when he says, "So you're telling me there's a chance."

So what can the Astros do to bounce back in this series? Here are three adjustments that the defending World Champions could make to get right back in the thick of things.

3. Houston Astros must embrace Arlington

Sure, Globe Life Field in the middle of the Metroplex is the home of the Rangers, but the Astros certainly felt comfortable playing there all season. going 6-1 in their seven games in Arlington. In four of those seven games, the Astros scored 12 or more runs, showing that the Houston offense feels very comfortable there.

In the first two games of the series, Houston's scoring was dominated by the long ball. However, if Houston can get its bats going and piece together some hits, the runs will come. And, if the runs come in Arlington, don't be surprised if some sense of deja vu starts creeping into the minds of the Rangers.

After all, in the very last meeting of the season between the two teams, Houston outscored Texas 39-10 in a three-game set in Arlington in early September.

While some things may have changed for the Rangers since then, expect the Astros to try to bring back those September memories to gain some momentum in Game 3.