3 Bears who earned a roster spot in preseason Week 4, and 1 on verge of being cut

The Chicago Bears wrapped up their preseason and a number of players secured their spots while others are facing the cut.
Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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No. 3 player the Bears should keep on 53-man roster: WR Nsimba Webster

The wide receiver core in Chicago is not as solid or set as many Bears would like to believe. With Dante Pettis now in IR and Velus Jones Jr. having a question mark over his head, the 5th and 6th wide receiver spots are now in limbo. Nsimba Webster took advantage of the opportunity and looked good with it.

Given how the waiver wire is expected to be in full swing, Chicago will likely look at the market and trade route for a wide receiver to fill up the roster, but Nsimba Webster shouldn't necessarily feel too worried because he did enough to at least make himself as part of the first five. Three catches for 37 yards against Buffalo is pretty good.

Webster may eventually be let go because general manager Ryan Poles is still looking for any way to make this team better. This is still a roster that has issues with depth in various eras and that includes the wide receiver room. There could be better options out on the market, and though Webster might make the initial 53, changes could be coming.