3 Bears who earned a roster spot in preseason Week 4, and 1 on verge of being cut

The Chicago Bears wrapped up their preseason and a number of players secured their spots while others are facing the cut.
Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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No. 1 player the Bears shouldn't keep on 53-man roster: C Lucas Patrick

Wait a second, with all the issues on the offensive line, why does Lucas Patrick get the axe? Injury issues and the lack of production at center play a key role. At the same time, there are better options out there on the market and in the waiver wire. Patrick can be easily replaceable, and the same cannot be said for other linemen.

Given how the offensive line as a whole has looked throughout this preseason and even through the offseason, with the number of injuries and lack of continuity, changes are absolutely necessary, and some players have to go. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy may feel a sense of loyalty to Patrick, but that doesn't mean it helps win football games.

Chicago will likely end up keeping Patrick because of a "lack of outside options," but the NFL is a revolving door. When changes can be made, they have to be made. Justin Fields only has this season to show whether ot not he is a franchise quarterback, and the offensive line play has to be on point, or else it's another failure.

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