3 Bills to blame for improbable Broncos win in Week 10

The Buffalo Bills blew a chance to beat the Denver Broncos. Here are three members of the team most to blame for the Week 10 loss.

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Taron Johnson's late pass interference penalty costs Bills

The Buffalo Bills took a 22-21 lead with just under two minutes remaining on a six-yard touchdown run by quarterback Josh Allen. It was up to the Bills' defense to hold off the offense of the Broncos to secure the win. Given how well the Broncos played on Monday night, that was far from a sure thing.

Denver had moved down to Buffalo's 45-yard line but was facing a third-and-10 situation. Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson would heave up a pass to wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, but it was severely under-thrown. Seemingly, this would have set up a fourth down. But, the referees had thrown a yellow flag on the field and called Bills cornerback Taron Johnson for pass interference.

Yes, the ball was under-thrown by Willson, but Johnson had his back turned to the football and made contact with Jeudy before it arrived.

This play gifted the Broncos premium field position and allowed them to eventually kick a game-winning field goal.

Somewhere, New York Giants fans were screaming, "Oh, now you call pass interference on Taron Johnson." That is about when he held tight end Darren Waller in the end zone back in Week 6 on the final play of the game that went unpenalized. Oh wait, there was at least one fan who brought that up on social media.

Either way, the Bills defense needed to clamp down on that final drive of the game. Instead Johnson was early with his contact on Jeudy, and it effectively cost them a win. Well, that and the Bills having 12 players on the field on Lutz's missed field goal attempt.

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