3 Braves free agents who will leave, 2 who will return in 2024

The Atlanta Braves have plenty of tough decisions to make this offseason, and Alex Anthopoulos knows it.

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Braves free agent who won't be back: Collin McHugh

Atlanta needs to make bullpen changes, and that could start with Collin McHugh, who has a team option this winter. That option would be affordable for the Braves to pick up, but if they are really looking to revamp this pitching staff, they can do better. Atlanta should also consider picking up the options of Jesse Chavez, Brad Hand and Joe Jimenez, if Anthopoulis is willing.

AA made it clear that he knows the Braves pitching depth was in question this season. They don't want to be in that position next summer:

"I think all your points that you brought up about the ailments two years in a row going into the postseason with some things that have come up with the rotation, I think (are) extremely fair. I wouldn’t argue. Look, those are the facts. There’s no doubt about it, we had a great season, but there’s no doubt we were definitely banged up. In terms of how that would shape or influence our offseason, I think the same thing (as usual). I’m going to be very guarded with our potential offseason plans," Anthopoulos told David O'Brien of The Athletic.

Even so, much of the Braves offseason should revolve around upgrading the pitching staff, rather than keeping some of its lesser members around. McHugh qualifies as the latter.

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