3 prospects the Braves should trade, but only for Dylan Cease

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1. Braves should only trade Vaughn Grissom for Dylan Cease

Coming into the 2023 season after the departure of Dansby Swanson, many expected that late-2022 call-up Vaughn Grissom would be the one to take his place at shortstop. Instead, it was veteran Orlando Arcia which, until he poked the bear against the Phillies with his locker room comments, was the right decision as the former Brewer earned an All-Star appearance.

Grissom still spent some time in the bigs this season, though, as an injury replacement at times and continued to be a solid bat at the plate. In 23 games and 80 plate appearances, he slashed .280/.313/.347, which was worse than his debut moments in 2022, but still showing a lot of promise as a productive middle infielder.

Having said that, as promising of a prospect as Grissom is, there isn't an obvious place for him right now in the Braves lineup barring a position switch to left field (which isn't out of the question). Ozzie Albies has second base occupied and Arcia more than earned his keep at shortstop. That makes Grissom arguably the organization's most valuable trade asset.

To part with Grissom, however, the trade has to be right. And the right trade being for Dylan Cease in a vacuum would make a ton of sense. Outside of that vacuum, it makes even more sense. With Tim Anderson departing, Grissom could fill right into the hole at second base for the White Sox and make him a coveted piece in return for a Cease trade.

Grissom being traded would return a ton of value no matter where he went. But for Chicago, he could have more value than to other clubs, which could help force the White Sox to part with Cease in a trade to the Braves.

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