3 Brewers most to blame for Game 1 loss to Diamondbacks

Unfortunately, the Brewers didn't meet expectations in game one of the NL Wild Card series against the Diamondbacks and are now one game away from elimination.

St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
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Brewers to blame for Game 1 loss, No. 1: Mark Canha

Mark Canha has been a very good hitter since joining the Milwaukee Brewers at the trade deadline. Many had high expectations for him going into this postseason, but he struggled against Diamondbacks pitching.

Canha did reach base once on a hit-by-pitch, but on the night as a whole, ended going 0-for-4 with two strikeouts. One could argue that he was set up to fail as he was put in the clean-up spot in the Brewers lineup.

For all his talents, he's not a No. 4 hitter. That's a spot that should've gone to William Contreras or maybe even Josh Donaldson. If manager Craig Counsell can put Canha in a more comfortable spot in the lineup, though, he could be in for a big bounce-back Game 2.

Canha has a team option on his contract for the 2024 season, but after his performances tonight and his age, it could be a tough decision. The Brewers need more all-around players like Canha, but his price could be too excessive for them at $12 million. If he turns it around after Game 1, though, it will be a less difficult call for the front office.

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