3 changes the Vikings must make to get to playoffs despite 0-3 start

The Vikings are off to a catastrophic start but a few key changes could get them back on track for the playoffs.

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Changes the Vikings need to make: 1. Start Dalton Rinser over Ed Ingram at right guard

Pass protection is still a problem for Minnesota, and right guard Ed Ingram is at the forefront of it. He is a good run blocker and does help in that area of the game. At the end of the day though, he is allowing way too much pressure on Cousins.

According to PFF, Ingram allowed six pressures against the Los Angeles Chargers this past week. Throughout the first three games of the season, the 2022 second-round pick has allowed a total of 13 quarterback pressures.

This is starting to become a serious problem, as Ingram didn't shine as a pass blocker in his rookie season either. The other option to step into his role would be former Denver Broncos lineman Dalton Rinser.

Cousins has been sacked eight times already, and according to PFF Ingram is responsible for three of those. If the Vikings want to ensure that their quarterback has more time to throw the ball going forward, then they might need to make that change at left guard.

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