3 Chicago Bears who should be benched or fired after another blown lead to Lions

The Chicago Bears coughed up a lead against the Detroit Lions, furthering their tank efforts. Here are a few potential casualties from the sorry affair.

Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears
Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports
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Bears should fire Luke Getsy for poor late-game management

The Bears lured Luke Getsy away from the Green Bay Packers to take over offensive coordinator duties last season. The results so far have been largely underwhelming. It's fair to say defense is the Bears' primary disappointment, but the offense continues to come up small, no matter who is under center.

Justin Fields treated the Bears to his best game of the regular season after missing four weeks to a thumb injury. He made extended plays with his legs, broke off a few big runs, and made several impressive throws. He almost completed a game-saving dime on third-and-10 in the waning minutes, but as previously mentioned, Tyler Scott misjudged it in the air.

Chicago's offense completely stalled late in the fourth quarter. After Jared Goff trimmed the Bears' lead to 26-21 inside four minutes, Chicago went three-and-out. Getsy dialed up two straight Khalil Herbert runs, both of which were stuffed at the line of scrimmage, before turning to the typically fickle Fields to make a big play on third down — the misfire to Scott.

When the Lions re-took the lead, Chicago still had time to mount a few plays and punch back. Instead, Fields was immediately sacked and he fumbled out of the end zone, leading to a safety and the Lions' eighth victory of the season.

For the season, Chicago's offense ranks 20th in total yards per game. Getsy has been reliant on the run out of necessity, but even in a game where Fields' athleticism leads to game-breaking plays, shoddy late-game execution helped dig the Bears' grave. The Bears probably need to consider a QB change in the offseason — especially if Caleb Williams is waiting there with the No. 1 pick — but it's time to consider a scheme and personnel overhaul, too.