3 Chiefs who need to better help Patrick Mahomes for a Super Bowl repeat

At 5-1, the Chiefs have the best record in the AFC, but their real competition lies in beating the best of the NFC in February.

Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. CB Jaylen Watson

Great wide receivers tend to help quarterbacks the most, but often, the impact of a great secondary is neglected when discussing a signal-caller's supporting cast.

Going back to Brady, many of his best teams boasted star players at the back end of the defense, such as Ty Law and Devin McCourty. For a contrary example, Tony Romo was often made to answer for losses or inevitable late-game mistakes in shootouts because his defense forced him to be perfect.

The Chiefs actually have one of the best defenses in the league this season. They are fifth in the league in yards allowed per game, and only the San Francisco 49ers allow fewer points per contest. Furthermore, they surrendered fewer than five net yards per pass attempt, which also ranks them in the NFL's top five.

For the Chiefs, however, the comparison point isn't the league average, because this team aspires for so much more. When it comes to pushing for the Super Bowl, the target is to always be No. 1 in every aspect, and since the 49ers occupy that top spot in points per game allowed, that is the benchmark they are gunning for.

Super Bowl contenders have another aspiration defensively, too. That is to create turnovers and score points directly as a defense. Through six games, Kansas City have just three interceptions and one touchdown from a fumble or interception return. They need to make more plays.

Since this defense has been excellent, it feels like splitting hairs to criticize them or single out one individual. But since the goal is to always do better, a little constructive criticism for cornerback Jaylen Watson couldn't hurt. Watson deserves to be praised for becoming a regular in the secondary after only being a seventh-round pick last season, but defenses have viewed him as a weak link, picking on him in certain matches.

As such, Watson's 122.7 QB Rating allowed is the highest on the team, and it includes three touchdowns surrendered. Watson isn't a regular starter, but he has played in five games with only two passes defended juxtaposed with the three touchdowns allowed.

As the season goes on and injuries inevitably strike in the secondary, Watson could become an even bigger target for opposing offenses if he doesn't improve. The bright side? Although he allowed another touchdown in the recent win over the Denver Broncos, he recorded both his pass break-ups in that game, including a key one on 3rd-and-long.