3 Chiefs who still need to play better to make another Super Bowl

The Chiefs have another trip to the Super Bowl on their minds. They'll need improved performance from these players to get there.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman
Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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Nick Bolton

Nick Bolton led the Chiefs with 13 tackles against the Bills. No player in the playoffs this year has more tackles than the linebacker. Yet, Kansas City needs more from him.

While he made all those tackles, he also missed three big ones. A 21.4 missed tackle percentage isn't acceptable in a playoff game.

Pro Football Focus gave Bolton a grade of 48.6 in the Divisional Round. Mike Danna was the only starter on defense with a worse rating.

The Ravens offense is going to be a real test fo the Chiefs defense. That defense has carried Kansas City for much of the year but an MVP-level Lamar Jackson is in front of them now and they can't be anything less than on it if they want to win the game.

That means sure tackling. That means shedding blocks and getting after the ball carrier. That means blanketing the opposition in pass coverage. Bolton got off to a slow start in each of those areas against the Bills. He also made a whole bunch of plays, to be fair. But in the playoffs, the plays you don't make matter just as much as the ones you do.

Bolton is a key figure on the Chiefs defense. He's been a big part of their success on that side of the ball this year. He'll be a big part of another AFC Championship victory, if that's what Kansas City gets done on Sunday.

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