3 Cowboys impending free agents who need to be brought back

Here are three players the Cowboys need to keep around in free agency this year.

Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones
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Dante Fowler Jr. is a former first-round pick worth retaining

Another touted former first-round pick, Dante Fowler Jr. is a seasoned NFL veteran at this stage of his career. Any team vying for a Super Bowl ring needs to have a strong pass rush, and the Cowboys should honestly consider signing another edge rusher in addition to keeping Fowler around for a couple of more years.

One of the more efficient and most athletic edge rushers in the NFL today, Fowler Jr. registered four sacks last season as a quality part of the Cowboys defensive depth. He's not someone who starts every game in Dallas, but the Cowboys won't have to worry about overpaying him. Fowler likely knows his role and values playing for a contender; continuity can only help him, too.

Despite being a talented former third overall pick, Fowler Jr. has bounced around a bit. He's played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons, and now the Cowboys for two seasons.

A third year in Dallas could do Fowler well, as he did have six sacks in the previous season. In some ways, he's seen as a bust for not being a star with top-five draft pedigree, but sometimes finding a niche on a contending team matters most. Fowler has plenty of speed and acceleration off the edge to consistently disrupt the passer, which is what counts in a key rotational edge rushing role.