3 Cowboys who could lose starting jobs with poor performances vs Patriots

The Cowboys got embarrassed in Week 3, and leashes should be short.

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Jayron Kearse

17-of-21 passing for a quarterback rating of 117.9 for Joshua Dobbs in Week 3. Yes, as knee-jerk as it may be, someone from the secondary needs to be on the line here.

Truthfully, I would toss in another veteran, Stephon Gilmore into this slide too, and say both should have their rears on the hot seat in this week's game after what the Cardinals were able to do to the secondary last week.

Yes, it was Dallas's first week without Trevon Diggs, something that will absolutely take the wind out of a unit's sails, but as the two veteran members of the secondary, fans expect better.

Gilmore has given up a team-worst 167 yards, Jayron Kearse an also-bad 62.

Despite both struggling this year, Kearse finds his name as the lowlight headline on this particular article rather than Gilmore because he has been atrocious in both man coverage and zone, allowing four of five targets to convert in zone four 51 yards total, 12.8 yards per catch in zone coverage.

History suggests Kearse poor game against the Cardinals shouldn't become a trend, but two straight duds would be mightly concerning. Might be time for Dallas to flex why they signed Malik Hooker to a contract extension and give him a go in Kearse's place.

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