3 Cubs players on the September roster who don't deserve to play this postseason

The Cubs are barreling toward a postseason appearance, but assuming they make it, these three players shouldn't be on the field.

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two
Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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September allows MLB teams to add to their rosters with two extra spots, bringing the grand total on the active roster up to 28. Soon enough, though, that total will fall right back down to 26, a roster that each team needs to decide on before each successive playoff series they appear in.

The Chicago Cubs hope they need to make such decisions. As it stands today, the Cubs would secure a spot in the postseason by way of a Wild Card spot, but the race in September is expected to be intense. Chicago needs to keep winning to defend that position. Ideally, they'd like to win the NL Central, where they're 3.5 games back from the Milwaukeee Brewers heading into the week.

Milwaukee has a bit of an easier go of it over the next few weeks, but the final series of the year is Cubs at Brewers. It could be for all the marbles.

Assuming Chicago does make the postseason, don't expect to see these three players on the playoff roster.

Alexander Canario has not gotten reps to prove himself yet

Fans are perplexed that Alexander Canario still hasn't gotten a big league appearance despite his recent call-up to the major league roster. Jed Hoyer explained that this was expected, and David Ross has provided a similar sentiment.

As exciting as it would be for the 23-year-old to get playoff experience, even if it were just riding pine, there will likely be other uses for the limited roster spots that the Cubs need to fill. This one isn't necessarily that Canario has failed to prove himself, he just hasn't had the requisite opportunities to do so yet.

And over the next few weeks, it's tough to see where those might come from. Sure, Canario could get a pinch hitting opportunity late in an all-but-finished game, but the few and far between chances -- if they come at all -- won't give enough data to the team to justify using a roster spot on him.

In 36 games at Triple-A Iowa this year the outfielder is slashing .276/.342/.524 with an .866 OPS.