3 Dallas Cowboys to blame after embarrassing Week 15 loss to Bills

There's plenty of blame to go around after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
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1. Dallas Cowboys to blame: It starts and ends with Dak Prescott

I apologize to all fantasy football managers who started Dak Prescott in their postseason. You've surely had a bad day. Prescott didn't throw a touchdown pass and had an interception. Dak accumulated just 134 yards passing in a masterclass by the Buffalo Bills secondary.

It's unclear exactly what went wrong with Prescott on Sunday. Dak often shrinks this time of year as the moments grow larger. Week 15's performance won't do anything to quell those concerns. Some Cowboys fans were even calling on McCarthy to bench Prescott late in the game, insisting that Dallas had little to play for as they were down multiple scores. The Landry Hat's Jerry Trotta had the story:

"To make matters worse, McCarthy sent the first-team offense -- inclusive of Prescott and Lamb -- back out there with less than seven minutes to play...There's obviously a lot of gray area here. Did Prescott and Lamb fight to continue playing? As clear leaders of the team, it's not out of the question that Prescott, Lamb and others were vehement about not "quitting" on their teammates and playing until the final whistle," Trotta wrote.

Sitting the potential league MVP and his top targets is a tough decision to make, but all was lost late in the fourth quarter, There was little to play for, which says a lot about just how poorly Dak played.

Prescott will have a chance to redeem himself, but for now Cowboys fans are rightly concerned of what the future holds.