3 Eagles who earned a roster spot in final preseason game, 1 who should be cut

Which players on the Philadelphia Eagles roster bubble deserve to make the team and who should get cut?

Julian Good-Jones, Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles 53-man roster cut incoming: Devon Allen

Devon Allen lit the NFL world on fire with his mesmerizing 73-yard kick return against the Colts. He initially muffed the catch, but scooped it off the turf, broke a tackle, and took off down the sideline for a highlight-reel return. It does feel like the kind of play that gets a player on the roster.

Allen is a fascinating prospect. His last kick return was almost nine years ago, when he was teammates with current Eagles QB Marcus Mariota at Oregon. Since then, Allen has competed in the Olympics not as a football player, but as a hurdler. It's clear his track-and-field stardom can be applied to the football field.

That said, one play does not make a player in the NFL. New league rules have diminished the importance of kick returns and Britain Covey is a more proven asset in the punt return game. Covey's year of NFL success should outstrip the intriguing-but-uncertain potential of Allen, who hasn't played football in almost a decade.

Allen could land with the practice squad, or perhaps an Eagles cut lands him with another team in search of special teams reinforcements. Allen is a great storyline, but the Eagles can't get sentimental. There are better options on the roster.

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