3 Eddie Rosario replacements if Braves decline his option

If the Atlanta Braves decline Eddie Rosario's team option, here are a few potential replacements in left field.

Joc Pederson, San Francisco Giants
Joc Pederson, San Francisco Giants / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Joc Pederson

A reunion!

The Braves traded for Joc Pederson in 2021, one of several impactful deadline moves that helped them win the World Series. Pederson left for the San Francisco Giants that offseason. He earned his second All-Star berth in 2021 and put together another respectable campaign at the plate in 2022.

Now, Pederson is back on the market and he addresses a potential need for the Braves in left field. He is absolutely beloved in that city and he has relationships with a number of key players in the clubhouse. Factor in the presumably affordable price, and Pederson could make a lot of sense if the Braves prefer familiarity over a major upgrade.

The appeal with Pederson is rooted in his powerful swings. The man can knock the leather off the ball when he connects. Last season, Pederson slashed .235/.348/.416 with 15 home runs and 51 RBIs. He also drew 57 walks in 425 plate appearances, with a walk rate in the MLB's 91st percentile. He's adds an intimidation factor to the lineup. The Braves are exceedingly familiar with being pitched around.

With Pederson, there are concerns about his inconsistency. He started last season strong, but saw his production plummet after the All-Star break. The Giants ultimately missed the postseason. Also of note was Pederson's prominence in the DH spot for San Francisco. He has experience as a corner outfielder, but Pederson is a significant defensive negative. In fact, the Braves might want to think of Pederson as a potential DH if Marcell Ozuna gets traded, rather than a full-time left fielder.

Pederson will tower over the plate and hit some absolute moonshots. He loves Atlanta, and Atlanta loves him. All that said, the Braves should probably prioritize the Diamondbacks' outfielders, with Pederson as a lovable fallback plan.


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