3 NFL teams that should swoop in to stop Frank Clark from re-signing with Chiefs

A Frank Clark reunion with the Chiefs seems likely, unless one of these three teams goes after the Broncos pass-rusher.

Frank Clark, Denver Broncos
Frank Clark, Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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1. Los Angeles Rams could use a veteran like Frank Clark up front

Wait, the Rams are good again? Yes, yes they are.

After a historically depressing post-Super Bowl hangover, the Los Angeles Rams are again defying expectations thanks to an offensive resurgence from Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Puka Nacua. And the brilliant Sean McVay, of course.

This season, they lost to the Bengals and 49ers by one score and recently held their own against a Super Bowl favorite, the Eagles. As long as Stafford stays healthy and as long as Kupp is open (he always is), the Rams have a real shot at playing playoff football.

Following the past exits of Von Miller and Leonard Floyd, the Rams' pass-rush consists of two words: Aaron Donald. Throwing an extra veteran stalwart like Frank Clark into the front seven could boost morale and help get the Rams more pressures and sacks on the board.

L.A. currently ranks at the bottom of the league in sack rate and other defensive categories. Clark could serve as an effective rotational or situational pass-rusher in the Rams' lineup and also send a snarky message to his other former team, the Seattle Seahawks.

Entering the twilight years of his career, maybe Clark doesn't want to play it safe and join the Chiefs. Maybe he wants to keep fans on their toes and go head-to-head against the team that drafted him back in 2015. In the words of the viral TikTok trend, never let them know your next move.

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