3 Georgia playmakers who can help fill the void from Brock Bowers' injury

With Brock Bowers going down, these guys need to step up for Carson Beck in the passing game.

Brock Bowers, Georgia Bulldogs
Brock Bowers, Georgia Bulldogs / Carly Mackler/GettyImages
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2. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint is playing his best ball of his Georgia career

The Florida game will always be one veteran wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint looks back on with mixed emotions. While the Dawgs have won the last two Cocktail Parties down in Jacksonville, he suffered a ghastly broken leg in the brutal loss to the Gators during the 2020 COVID season. Fortunately for him and Jacksonville native Beck, it is showtime for the Dawgs this year once again.

There may be more talented pass catchers in the Georgia offense, but Rosemy-Jacksaint has quickly emerged as one of Beck's favorite downfield targets. He is great outside the numbers in one-on-one settings. His play has elevated with the arrival of Dominic Lovett and Rara Thomas from Missouri and Mississippi State this season. Of course, they are not prepared for what all lies ahead down in Duval...

I think Rosemy-Jacksaint's ability to stretch the field will open up clearer passing lanes in the middle of the field, as well as space for Bobo's ground game to go to work. Georgia will need to be able to move the sticks with conviction with his rushing attack, but having a tremendous playmaker like Rosemy-Jacksaint available to make big, downfield completions is a huge plus, even without Bowers.

Look for Rosemy-Jacksaint's veteran leadership in the receiving room to shine in Bowers' absence.