3 Indianapolis Colts who won't be back after season-ending loss to Texans

The Indianapolis Colts lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Houston Texans on Saturday night, ending their season in the process.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Colts came close to clinching a playoff berth on Saturday night against CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans. Despite being down rookie QB Anthony Richardson for the final half of the season, Gardner Minshew and the Colts remained in the AFC South race for most the season. When the Jaguars faltered late, the Colts and Texans took advantage.

With the season now behind them, unfortunately some Colts will not be able to stay with the team due to budgetary concerns. Indianapolis has a litany of high-profile free agents, and a good number of them are expected to leave. However, the core of Jonathan Taylor and Anthony Richardson are set to lead the offense the next few years. The Colts will be an exciting team to watch in 2024, with or without the players on this list.

3. Colts are unlikely to bring back Zack Moss

I know exactly how valuable Zack Moss was for the Colts this season, especially as Taylor sat out the start of the season and suffered a few injuries along the way. However, when he's healthy, Taylor is one of the best running backs in football. Moss proved this year he's worthy of a starting job somewhere, and the Colts are unlikely to pay for two starting-caliber backs, let alone the salary Taylor wants long term.

Moss will land a job somewhere. He's solid enough to start for most teams, or at least receive half the carries. In Taylor's absence this year, he was a top-10 fantasy running back, and his production in the passing game cannot be understated.

That said, running backs are a dime a dozen, and if the Colts are committed to Taylor for the next year or so, they can draft a ball-carrier to replace Moss who doesn't require as much of a financial commitment.