3 Jets who won't be back after being eliminated from playoff contention

The New York Jets will look to make some changes after being eliminated from playoff contention. That starts with not bringing these three players back.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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1) Dalvin Cook will try to find more reps on a team that is not the Jets

Dalvin Cook signed with the Jets this past offseason to form an elite one-two punch with Breece Hall in the backfield. Hall has lived up to his end of the bargain for much of the season, but Cook's play has taken a pretty steep decline.

Cook is averaging just 4.8 rushing attempts per game, and the biggest reason for that has to do with the fact that he's averaging a measly 3.2 yards per carry. To make matters worse, in his 67 rushing attempts he has a pair of fumbles, one of which proved to be very costly as it led to an Atlanta touchdown in a game the Jets lost 13-8. The Jets offense has been a mess all season and while Cook is far from the biggest culprit, he certainly hasn't made things any better.

The fact that Cook made four straight Pro Bowls before this disaster of a season suggests he might have something left in the tank if he plays behind a better offensive line, but chances are he's likely closer to retirement than putting up another productive season at age 28.

Cook was another unhappy camper as he planned on asking the Jets for a trade, but he was never dealt. He'll finish out the year as Hall's backup, but there's almost no chance Cook opts to return to New York after the year. The Jets shouldn't want him anyway.