3 Jordan Love plays from Week 1 that proved the Packers’ future is bright

The Jordan Love era got off to a great start for the Green Bay Packers in Week 1. Here are the quarterback's three best plays against the Chicago Bears.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

In the past, the Chicago Bears were haunted by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. After all, Rodgers declared that he "owned" the Bears in the face of the fans at Soldier Field not too long ago.

But this offseason, Rodgers left the Packers via a trade to the New York Jets. Just like that, it felt like the fortunes changed for the Bears. Not only was Rodgers gone, but it presented itself as an opportunity for Justin Fields to potentially become the best quarterback in the NFC North.

Then on Sunday afternoon, the Bears faithful were introduced to Jordan Love, who showed that he may not be going away any time soon, and he looked pretty good.

In Week 1, Love led the Packers to a dominant 38-20 victory over the Bears. Love had an efficient day in Chicago, completing 15-of-27 pass attempts for 245 yards and three touchdowns.

As for Rodgers' first start against the Bears, that was in Week 11 of the 2008 season. Rodgers completed 23-of-30 pass attempts for 227 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception in the 20-17 loss.

Let's take a look at the three best plays of Love's Week 1 start against Chicago.

No. 3 best Jordan Love play from Week 1: First touchdown pass to Romeo Doubs

We start things off with Love's first touchdown of the game, which just so happened to occur on the team's first drive. Love had 40 yards to work with after Bears quarterback Justin Field's rush attempt on fourth-and-one fell short. On the 11th play of the drive, Love found wide receiver Romeo Doubs in the end zone to get his first touchdown of the 2023 season.

Love stepped up in the pocket, which was about to collapse due to incoming pressure, and found Doubs in the back of the end zone.

No. 2 best Jordan Love play from Week 1: Fadeaway touchdown pass toDoubs

Let's fast forward to the start of the fourth quarter. The Bears had just managed to cut into the Packers' lead, bringing themselves within 10 points of tying the game. The thing is, Love wasn't allowing that to happen.

On first and goal, Love again targeted Doubs, who was matched up with defensive back Tyrique Stevenson. With Stevenson's back turned Love threw a fadeaway pass in the air to Doubs, who leaped over the defensive back and hauled in the football for the touchdown.

No. 1 best Jordan Love play from Week 1: Backfoot deep pass to Luke Musgrave

When it comes to Love's highlight reel play of the game, it's certainly this one.

Prior to the second Doubs touchdown, Love hiked the football on first-and-10, but fumbled it. Love recovered it, looked downfield, and found rookie tight end Luke Musgrave all alone downfield. Love threw the pass on his backfoot, and it still managed to get into Musgrave's hands. This would have been a touchdown had Musgrave not stumbled and fallen a few yards outside of the end zone.

It was a good season-opening start for Love, enough for Packers fans to feel confident about his future with the team. But, we'll have to see if he can keep it up for the remainder of the season. Love's next start will come in Week 2 against the Atlanta Falcons.

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