3 Justin Fields replacements not named Caleb Williams Bears should consider

The Chicago Bears could look to replace Justin Fields this offseason. While Caleb Williams has been the most popular option, he's not the only option.

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The Chicago Bears have a franchise-changing decision to make this offseason at the quarterback position. They have Justin Fields who, despite showing some improvements in year three, has never finished a season with a winning record and hasn't exactly given much reason for fans to believe that'll change.

Replacing Fields should be a no-brainer as Fields only has one more year on his rookie deal and is still unproven as a franchise guy. The question is who they replace him with. Caleb Williams is the popular choice considering the fact that the Bears have the first overall pick, but he's far from the only choice.

If the Bears pass on Williams while still wanting to move on from Fields, these three quarterbacks make a lot of sense.

3) The Bears can trade for Kyler Murray to replace Justin Fields

This is probably the most unlikely scenario, but it's still somewhat of a possibility. Trading for Kyler Murray (potentially even in a Fields swap) would give the Bears an upgrade at the quarterback position while also allowing them to keep both of their first-round picks. The Bears can acquire Kyler, fill needs in the draft at receiver and offensive line, and build a more complete team.

The Bears are projected to have roughly $62 million this offseason in cap space according to Spotrac, so they have more than enough to take on a more expensive quarterback in Murray while also having the ability to field a team around him.

Murray has had his issues staying healthy, but when he last played a full season, he led the Cardinals to a playoff berth back in 2021. Murray completed 69.2% of his throws that season with a 100.6 QB Rating, and we all know about his ability to be a dual threat.

The Bears trading for Murray would give them a proven franchise quarterback who is locked in through the 2028 season. It's not the option Bears fans would be most excited about, but it's certainly an option.