3 Justin Turner replacements the Red Sox should add to their lineup ASAP

Justin Turner is headed to the Toronto Blue Jays after a strong year with the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox should consider these three sluggers as they look to replace him

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
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2. Whit Merrifield makes sense for the Red Sox

With Turner gone, the Red Sox could also focus on adding some infield depth instead of another outfielder. This is where Whit Merrifield comes in.

The slugger is familiar with the American League East thanks to his brief stint with the Toronto Blue Jays, so if he were to sign in Boston, he wouldn't exactly be in unfamiliar territory.

The 35-year-old was an All-Star in 2023, hitting .272 with 11 home runs and 67 RBI. He also reached base at a .318 clip and slugged .382 with the Blue Jays last season.

Boston now has a hole at the second base position, which could be filled if Merrifield is signed. They could also use him in the outfield or as a designated hitter if they wish to give other players such as Pablo Reyes or Vaughn Grissom chances to stake their claim.

The three-time All-Star would be a tremendous fit for the Red Sox and could be the perfect replacement for Turner following his departure. He would also provide certainty for the Red Sox in their infield and give them somebody to build for the new few years as they try to bounce back into contention.