3 Kansas City Chiefs who need a Super Bowl more than anyone else

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers play in Super Bowl LVIII in two weeks. For some Chiefs, it may be their final game wearing red.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire wants nothing more than to win a Super Bowl with Chiefs

What a story it would be for Clyde Edwards-Helaire to not just win another Super Bowl, but make a meaningful play this time around. CEH is a free agent after this season and given the status of the running back position in Kansas City, would have to take a discount to stay around. If the Chiefs take home the Lombardi Trophy, the likelihood of Edwards-Helaire leaving goes down significantly.

From the Chiefs point of view, why get rid of a former first-round pick who can still contribute at a high level, especially if he's willing to take a short-term deal? As for Edwards-Helaire, the Chiefs are the only NFL home he's ever known. They're also the most successful franchise in the NFL, if not all of sports. There's little to gain by going elsewhere, even if he could secure slightly more financial capital. CEH spoke on what it would mean to play a big role on another Chiefs Super Bowl team on the Up & Adams show with Kay Adams.

"It would mean everything. It’s sending chills down my back now, because the Super Bowl that I was actually able to really be a part of, we lost," says Edwards-Helaire. "I got the opportunity to get activated before the game last year and I thought I was going to get the opportunity to play but didn’t. I was more than grateful that I was able to become a world champion and be a part of the team."

For those reasons alone, hopefully Edwards-Helaire can end this season on his own terms.