3 keys to success for the Lakers this season

The Los Angeles Lakers have a championship-or-bust mindset. If they're actually going to deliver a title they'll need these three factors to break in their favor.

Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers
Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages
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2. Austin Reaves as a solid third option

A lot of the championship contenders in the NBA all have a good to great third option. The Suns have Bradley Beal, the Nuggets have Michael Porter Jr., the Celtics have Jrue Holiday, the Bucks have Khris Middleton and the Lakers have Austin Reaves.

Austin Reaves, at the moment, is not viewed in the same light as the guys listed above but the Lakers organization expects him to take the next step. When he was put into the starting lineup, he rose, showed he belonged and continued that play into the playoffs. 

Reaves can do just about everything. He can defend, move off the ball, pass, score and he is a great shooter. His craftiness and ability to draw fouls allow him to get easy buckets at the rim. His ability to play off the ball with LeBron James and Davis allows him to get wide-open 3s. 

He is someone that LeBron James trusts. There may be nothing more important than that because he can be relied on to make the right play, hit a big shot, make clutch free throws, or make a defensive stop. 

The Lakers need him to become that third option so they can be dangerous threats to win it all. No one should expect him to be an All-Star next season but if he is able to maintain that level of play from the western conference finals, the Lakers are looking even more dangerous.