3 Lions who were exposed in deflating loss to Baltimore Ravens

The Lions' hype train screeched to a halt after Week 7's blowout loss to the Ravens.

Jared Goff, Detroit Lions
Jared Goff, Detroit Lions / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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2. Jameson Williams

Jameson Williams was targeted six times and didn't record a single catch in the loss against the Ravens.

In his defense, the stats don't tell the whole story. On two of his targets, the Ravens arguably got away with a defensive pass interference, and on another, Williams had to make a difficult adjustment to Goff's pass.

Also in his defense, the Lions have been extremely inconsistent in their usage of Williams. He'll play a few snaps and then sit for chunks of the game.

If the Lions are serious about wanting to develop Williams, they have to give him more consistent looks. At the same time, Williams did struggle with drops in the preseason, and having zero catches on six targets isn't acceptable. Even if he got most of his playing time in the garbage minutes, Williams has to do better.