3 long-term Frank Reich replacements who won't ruin Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers are dreadful, hopeless, but in dire need of a new head coach right away. Here are some options.

Bryce Young, Arden Key, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans
Bryce Young, Arden Key, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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2. Jim Harbaugh could power through the awkwardness of David Tepper

If I had to put money on the one head-coaching candidate who would put David Tepper in his place immediately upon arrival, it would have to be Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. He may be back on the sidelines in Indianapolis this weekend for what should be a cakewalk of a Big Ten Championship Game for the Wolverines vs. the Iowa Hawkeyes, but this could be his final season over in Ann Arbor.

This has everything to do with the Michigan sign-stealing scandal, as well as Harbaugh potentially being tired of the college game all together. He has won everywhere he has been, including a four-year stint leading the San Francisco 49ers nearly a decade ago. Harbaugh is pushing 60, but he is as youthful in spirit as a pre-teen. It is why his childlike enthusiasm could help the Panthers out big time.

Harbaugh would elevate the play of Bryce Young to what it was when he was starting games for Nick Saban at Alabama. Given that he has been coaching in the college game since 2015, Harbaugh would have a huge scouting advantage when it came to drafting players coming out the next two years. While he did finish playing for the 2001 Panthers, Harbaugh will have many better options than this.

If I were Harbaugh and wanted to leave Michigan, I would go to the Las Vegas Raiders over Carolina.