3 Mike Tomlin trades Steelers can consider if they dare

If the Pittsburgh Steelers decide to move on from Mike Tomlin, here are a few potentially feasible trades.

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers
Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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2. Chargers could save Justin Herbert with Mike Tomlin trade


The Los Angeles Chargers are 5-7 after unloading $262.5 million on Justin Herbert's new contract. Brandon Staley, once lauded for his creativity and defensive acumen, has quickly come under fire for troublesome decision-making. The Chargers famously blew a 27-point lead in the playoffs. Now, the Chargers won't even make the playoffs.

Blame can be circulated all around, but Staley was hired in large part due to his success as the Los Angeles Rams' defensive coordinator in 2020. Right now, the Chargers' defense ranks 29th in yards allowed per game (379.5), hemorrhaging chunk gains and stifling whatever success Herbert and the offense can muster.

Of course, Hebert and the offense haven't been great either. Staley has become infamous for poor time management and limited situational awareness. The Chargers have the No. 15 offense, which shouldn't be possible with Herbert and Keenan Allen connecting at an all-time clip. Austin Ekeler's down season and the underperformance of second-year wideout Quentin Johnston are well documented, but all the same, L.A. isn't executing at an acceptable level on either end.

Staley is only 40 years old, joining the Sean McVay and Jonathan Gannon as one of the NFL's "new age" coaching hires. Tomlin has been coaching NFL football since Staley was in college. The Chargers are probably ready to embrace a more established, bankable option in the head coach's chair. Tomlin knows how to navigate an elite pocket presence on offense and he could snap the Chargers' defense back into shape.