3 Minnesota Vikings to blame for deflating SNF loss to Broncos

Yes, the Minnesota Vikings are shorthanded, but there's plenty of blame to go around for their Sunday Night Football loss to the Broncos.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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Where have you gone, Alexander Mattison? Turnovers plague Vikings

Alexander Mattison's issues with ball security have been well documented in Minnesota. The Vikings running back's greatest flaw so far this season is arguably holding onto the football, especially when it matters most. Mattison had a critical fumble lost in this one, and Denver's points as a whole primarily came off of turnovers. A Dobbs interception and fumble lost played a major role in the Vikings eventual downfall.

The turnover battle will tell the story of almost any NFL game. On Sunday night, the Vikings had three, while the Broncos didn't turn the ball over once. Losing the turnover battle 0-3 is not a winning recipe, and literally anyone could have told you that.

Mattison was largely outplayed by Ty Chandler, who averaged over seven yards per carry. Expect him to get more work moving forward, especially if Mattison remains fumble-prone or cannot hit the holes with the same ferocity Vikings fans expected to begin the season.

Minnesota must be able to rely on its running game moving forward, especially if Dobbs heroics are a thing of the past.

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