3 more Boston Red Sox who won't be back in 2024 thanks to Craig Breslow

The Boston Red Sox hired Craig Breslow to replace Chaim Bloom in the baseball operations department. Breslow has a lot of work to do already.

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Red Sox won't bring back Justin Turner

Justin Turner is 38 years old and, frankly, seemed destined to play in Boston at some point in his career. Turner spent the 2023 season with the Red Sox and fit right in, slashing .276/.345/.455 with 23 home runs, turning back time in the process. However, Turner's performance also makes it all the more unlikely that he stays with the Sox.

Turner has a player option after this season that would pay him $13.4 million in 2024. That's not bad money by any means, but he could also potentially get more on the free-agent market. There's a chance Turner opts out, tests the market, and returns to Boston. Nothing is out of the question. However, even if he were to be a full-time DH, Turner's production could earn him another lucrative short-term deal loaded with incentives.

Alex Cora removed Turner from his final home game of the season so the Fenway Park faithful could give him a standing ovation. Does that sound like a player the Red Sox are confident is returning?

Breslow has tough, quick choices to make on several of Boston's best players. Turner is a veteran they can afford to lose, though it'll hurt some in the interim.